I am currently working on the following collaborative projects.

Increasing Cycling for Transportation in Canadian Communities: Understanding what works with Beth Savan (PI), Meghan Winters, and Ray Tomalty.

I am funded through the FRQSC for a project entitled "Évaluer l’équilibre des divers objectifs de la planification des transports: comprendre le rôle des valeurs sociales et environnementales dans les processus décisionnels".

Interested in a post-doc on how transit planning incorporates equity concerns? Click here for more details on an exciting opportunity with Dr. Orly Linovski at the University of Manitoba on our SSHRC-funded project "Selecting the Route: Balancing Development and Equity in Transit Decision-Making".


In addition to scholarly work, I have also contributed to several reports for local and international governments and agencies. The following is a select list of professional reports. 


Professional Reports

Greater Toronto Access: Past and future land use and transport interaction in the GTHA. Toronto, ON. Metrolinx. Manaugh, K., Foth, N., Willis, D., & El-Geneidy, A.

An Examination of Commuting Patterns to McGill University: Results of the 2011 McGill Transportation Survey. Montréal, Québec, Canada: McGill Sustainability Fund, Office of Sustainability, McGill University. Jacques, C., Chakour, V.,Mathez, A., Manaugh, K., Barreau, G., Hatzopoulou, M., Eluru, N., El-Geneidy, A. (2011)

Interventions to reduce accident rates: A literature review. Montréal, Québec, Canada: CIMA+ and City of Montréal. Miranda-Moreno, L., El-Geneidy, A., Manaugh, K., Martin-Chin, W., & Kreider, T. (2009).

Assessing the observed speed change in a speed limit reduction from 50 to 40 km/h: A cross-sectional analysis. Montréal, Québec, Canada: CIMA+ and City of Montréal. Kreider, T., Miranda-Moreno, L., El-Geneidy, A., & Manaugh, K.(2009).

Implementation of the Montréal transportation Plan: A study of the impacts on the organization and development of the region (in French: Mise en oeuvre du plan de transport de Montréal étude des impacts sur l’aménagement et le développement du territoire). Montréal, Québec, Canada: City of Montréal. El-Geneidy, A., Fischler R., Luka, N., Abdelhamid, H., Cerdá, A., Manaugh, K., Otero, J., Tétreault, P., Dudeck, A., Komorowski, B., Surprenant-Legault, J., Pacheco, R., & Wasfi, R. (2008).