Kevin Manaugh

Assistant Professor

McGill School of Environment &

Department of Geography




Welcome to my academic website. I am a jointly appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and McGill School of Environment in Montreal, Quebec.


My research uses a multi-disciplinary approach to try to understand how transportation systems can be designed to better serve current and future users with a particular focus on issues of social justice. I am especially interested in active transportation (cycling and walking) and understanding neighbourhood walkability. I have researched and published on the determinants of mode choice, modeling transportation-related green house gas emissions, and regional accessibility measures.

I have been affiliated with the TRAM (Transportation Research at McGill) research group for the past six years.

This website provides links and information related to my research, publications, and presentations. Please have a look around. Enjoy! Also, please contact me if you are interested in pursuing graduate studies on any of these topics.